Slash - 1988

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"With our video for ‘Don’t Cry’, and the fight that Stephanie and I had over the gun, you don’t necessarily know what’s going on. But in real life that happened with Erin and myself. I was going to shoot myself. We fought over the gun and I finally let her win. I was kind of mentally crippled after that.
Before shooting our documentary, I said, 'This seems really hard, 'cause it really happened'. And the night we wrote the scene, my friend Josh said, 'Okay, how are you going to play that?' He wanted to rehearse and I was like, 'Look, leave me alone.' But he kept pushing until, finally, I stood up. I had this cigarette lighter that looked like a real gun and I said, 'Look, I'm gonna do it like this.' And I just went over and slammed around in the hallway a bit and threw the gun and said, 'Is that good enough for you?' And he said, 'Yes!'
[…] But it was a very painful process doing that and it’s even weird now to be involved in a relationship where the person I’m involved with is actually playing parts that are written about the two of us, about fictional characters, about things in my past relationships. It’s a very touchy thing to do.”

- Axl Rose

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